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Our Team

Mike Jacobs  res card_edited.png
Michael P Jacobs, MA, MAI, SRA

Keyes Commercial North Sales & Leasing Associate

SFREAppraisal.com President

(954) 649-0666

Mike Jacobs is President of South Florida Real Estate Appraisal, LLC (www.SFREAppraisal.com) and a Keyes Company Commercial Real Estate Division associate (www.MikeJacobs.KeyesCommercial.com).


His real estate background spans more than 40 years across the US, with commercial real estate experience at CBRE, Arthur Andersen, Integra Realty Resources, Dow Jones/Teleres, and Cushman & Wakefield VAS management. He has owned and operated two independent real estate appraisal firms and has experience with all property types from simple investment land to complex leased assets such as office towers and retail malls.


Mike is a Florida Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, a Florida Sales Associate, a twice-designated member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI and SRA), CCIM candidate, and holds a Master of Arts from the University of Florida in real estate analysis (also accredited by the Appraisal Institute).

His client list includes principals (buyers and sellers), third-party reliance (investors, lenders, attorneys, CPAs), and he has testified and/or submitted reports for state and county courts, Broward County Valuation Adjustment Board (as a Special Magistrate),  the IRS, SBA, and municipalities.

Lori Bellomio Jacobs

Keyes Commercial North Sales & Leasing Associate

Luxury Residential

(954) 205-8088

Lori Jacobs is a former Regional Manager with Fortune 500 company retail experience throughout the Southeast US.


Lori has considerable experience with "owner-user" property for individuals. She is a natural people-person and wants to see your business and residential transactions go smoothly.

Mike and Lori are committed to building long term relationships based on top quality service and high ethical standards. They live in Weston, Florida with offices in the Weston Commercial Center and together share their experience and industry knowledge with you in all aspects of your valuation and marketing needs.

Commercial Real Estate Services: Valuation & Marketing

A well established & expert adviser is your best resource for information and action

Certified Appraisal & Evaluation

Appraisers are different from other real estate professionals because they are objective and not biased by self-interest. Appraisers are hired on a flat-fee basis. Their reports are confidential, well-documented and develop the story of a property's marketability in disciplined narrative. Appraisers prepare to be challenged about their observations and conclusions. SFREAppraisal has several options to choose from including a low cost but high quality report for buyers and sellers only. Appraisal services do not include listing or sales services.

Transaction Services - Sales & Leasing

Transaction services are not objective - real estate brokers advocate for properties and/or clients they are hired to represent, obtaining and negotiating the best deal. They are usually paid a pre-arranged commission based on the size and complexity of the transaction.

Apartment Complex
Commercial Building
Bringing The Two Disciplines Together

Appraisal and Transaction services complement one another, each vastly improving the real estate professional's market savvy and analytical toolkit. Appraisers and brokers maintain nearly identical data sources and services, and complete much of the same continuing education required for certifications and licenses.

Unlike most commercial real estate professionals I am closely monitored by both FREC, the Florida Real Estate Commission (sales and leasing), and FREAB, the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board, as well as the Appraisal Institute, CCIM Institute, and Realtor associations. My appraisal and transaction services are separated by an impenetrable wall where serving the public trust is the highest ideal, essentially boiling down to transparency and confidentiality. You will always know where I stand.

Serving Florida

Miami-Dade County
Broward County 
Palm Beach County 
Monroe County
Collier County
Multi-Property Statewide


Keyes Commercial Brokerage Services

Select Keyes for commission-based advocated transaction services (buying, selling, leasing and investing) contact me as a Keyes Company Commercial Real Estate Sales & Leasing Associate. My personal office is in Weston, FL and the Keyes Commercial North office is in Delray Beach, FL

SFRE Appraisal Services

For fee-based unbiased valuation services (certified appraisals and valuations) contact me as the President of South Florida Real Estate Appraisal, LLC., serving SE Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties).

The important difference to understand when deciding between brokerage services and appraisal services is that while each approaches the same price or value problem, they do so in different ways and can arrive at different conclusions.
A brokerage service will advise you about marketing options and then put them into action with your approval, for a percentage of the transaction price. The price is determined by the market - you accept it or you don't.

A transaction broker owes you limited loyalty and confidentiality while a single agent owes you obedience and complete loyalty.
An appraiser is like a machine - you order the appraisal, the appraiser completes a report and sends it to you. You have no say over the scope, observations or conclusions of the appraisal. It is written to be unbiased and frequently must be relied upon by third parties so transparency is required by the State of Florida and the Appraisal Institute. This is why an appraisal is fee-based rather than a percentage, and payment is usually required up front.
Any transition between these services requires full disclosure so that the public interest is served at all times based on our state and industry credentials. The line between the services must never be confusing.


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